The National Palace of Sintra has now a new store, which complements the existing one next to the ticket office.

All the shops of the monuments under management of Parques de Sintra have products inspired by the collections of the National Palaces.

In this new store, the themes with special emphasis are the floral decoration inspired by the service of porcelain used by the Queen D. Maria Pia (1847-1911) and the Hispano-Moorish tile line of the XVI century, which cover many of the walls of the National Palace of Sintra.

This is a second store, at the end of the tour circuit, installed in a set of previously unoccupied rooms that have been completely restored. The inauguration of this space is part of a series of interventions to improve the reception of visitors to the National Palace of Sintra, which included, in August 2016, the alteration of the end of the visit circuit and the revision of the accessibility plan (with the installation of solutions that allow the access of disabled visitors to this area of ??the circuit). The construction phase now completed also included the restoration of the Lion's Courtyard and the Courtyard of Diana.

Inserted in the area of ??the old Mantearia (where the dishes of the Royal table were kept), and with direct access to the Patio of the Lion, which with this intervention is open to the enjoyment of the public, this new store marks the beginning of the high season.